Models: RT223 / RT283 / RT323
GCW RT223 330,000 lbs *
GCW RT283,323 364,000 lbs *
Driveline: 4 x 4 (optional 4x2)
Engine RT223: Volvo TAD870VE-215 hp (Tier4F)
Engine RT283: Volvo TAD872VE-282 hp (Tier4F)
Engine RT323: Volvo TAD873VE-315 hp (Tier4F
Transmission: ZF 6WG211 (6F-3R)
Front Axle Capacity: 44,000 lbs @12 mph
Rear Axle Capacity: 83,500 lbs @12 mph
5th Wheel: Terberg cast steel plate 2 in
5th Wheel Lift Capacity: 78,000 lbs *
Lowest 5th Wheel Height: 38"

* Depending on how equipped and operating conditions

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  • Fifth wheel lifting capacity up to 78,000 lbs *
  • The spacious and strong, all-steel cab structure with air-ride suspension (fully FOPS and ROPS tested) ensures maximum
  • The large rear window allows for excellent driver visibility
  • The curved windscreen ensures an excellent view forward
  • Overriders for extra safety (optional)
  • Electric cab tilt (optional)
  • Vibration resistant side mirrors
  • Gross Combination Weights (GCW) up to 364,000 lbs *
* Depending on how equipped and operating conditions
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Numerous Innovations
Easy Maintenance
Terberg Connect

Optional Equipment

Steel Mudguards
Cab Protection Frame
Additional Handrails
LED Headlights
Electric Window
Adjustable Steer Column
Trainer Seat
Power Connection
Jump Start Connection
Additional Side Door
Heavy-Duty Tow Coupling
Heavy Haul Counterweights

Where Special

Comes as standard.