Models: YT193 / YT193DOT / YT223
GCW YT193 165,000 lbs *
GCW YT223 198,000 lbs *
Driveline: 4 x 2
Engine YT193: Cummins B6.7-190 hp Tier4F
Engine YT193DOT: Cummins B6.7-200 hp on-road (US-EPA)
Engine YT223: B6.7-225 hp Tier4F
Transmission: Allison 3000 (4/5F-1R)
Front Axle Capacity: 24,250 lbs @12 mph
Rear Axle Capacity: 66,000 lbs @12 mph
5th Wheel: Terberg cast steel plate 2 in
5th Wheel Lift Capacity: 80,000 lbs *

* Depending on how equipped and operating conditions

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  1. Great visibility with large, unobstructed glass areas. No high mounted emissions equipment on the side to block visibility.
  2. Fingertip Controls (FNR) and 5th Wheel Controls are easily accessible when backing up. The operator doesn’t have to reach for the dash.
  3. 5-in digital operator interface gives driver real-time operational feedback (also troubleshooting access and history downloads).
  4. Multi-Position Comfort Heated Seat & 3 point seatbelt: The seat cushion extends forward to support longer legs and larger operators.
  5. Overhead storage compartments with retention/spill guards.
  6. 12 Volt accessory socket, air horn & cup holders.
  7. Robust heat, A/C and defrost with multiple vents and multiple speed fan.
  8. Fingertip door release latch is easily actuated.
  9. Wide angle heated mirrors mounted on heavy stands to reduce vibration.
  1. Low First Step: The truck has step access on both sides. Ease of entry and exit is very important as operators climb on and off all day.
  2. Right Side Access Platform with Safety Rails: Right side access to cab is much easier than climbing over the seat from the rear.
  3. Operator cabin is FOPS/ROPS compliant.
  4. All cabin handrails painted Safety Yellow (Yellow RAL 1003)
  5. Rear cabin protection bar is standard. (Full Headache Rack is available)
  6. Emissions Components are located behind cab
  7. High mount air intake filter eliminates breathing dust around the tires.
  8. Slip resistant ingress/egress steps, hose access areas and plate on 5th wheel frame.
  9. Slip resistant integrated tool box located just below hose connection area.
  10. Air Ride Suspension for Cab (Dual Air Bags).
  11. Light Package: High intensity head lights, rear cab mounted LED work lights and reverse LED back-up light.
  1. Cab tilts open (with electric motor) past top dead center to safely expose the entire engine and drivetrain area
  2. Wheel well mud guards remove with 4 simple pins to enhance drivetrain access when needed
  3. Lower dash panel removes without tools to expose fuse panel and cab fresh air filter (integrated fuse diagram)
  4. Entire dash removed with a few simple screws to expose color and number coded wiring for easy service from the top.
  5. Hydraulic fluid site glass (exterior mounted for ease of visibility)
  6. Oil dipstick is remote located to exterior (no need to tilt open cab for access)
  7. TERBERG Connect Telematics remote fleet monitoring with 5-year access plan
  1. Fully galvanized rust resistant frame with Gross Combined Weight (GCW) of 165,000 lbs (YT-223 GCW 198,000 lbs)
  2. 130” wheelbase increases operator comfort (optional wheelbases of 122" and 138" are available)
  3. Hydraulic steering allows steering angles up to 50 degrees for a tight turning radius
  4. Holland 2” 5th wheel with a lift capacity of 80,000 lbs
  5. Dual single-stage 5th wheel cylinders with 20” of lift (65” total lift from ground). Additional lift heights are available at 78” & 87
  6. 3-Piece Bumper (replace damage on one side or the other without replacing the entire front piece)
  7. Cummins 190 hp Tier 4 Final Diesel Engine (YT-223 has Cummins 225 hp)
  8. 6-Speed Allison Transmission with Lock-Up (more efficient on long runs)
  9. Engine/Transmission Protection Systems (auto engine stop on low oil pressure, low coolant, and high temp)
  10. High efficient cooling system, with stacked cooling segments (intercooler, engine cooler, transmission cooler)
  11. Viscous cooling fan controls fan speed in direct proportion to engine cooling needs.
  12. Noise isolation material around engine and underneath the cabin (reduces noise inside and outside the cabin)
  13. Terberg 11.98:1 ratio purpose built rear axle with differential lock (optional ratio’s/limited slip axles available)
  14. Mudflaps and mudguards on front and rear axles
  15. Reverse actuated warning alarm
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Terberg Connect

Optional Equipment

Steel Mudguards
Cab Protection Frame
Additional Handrails
LED Headlights
Electric Window
Adjustable Steer Column
Trainer Seat
Power Connection
Jump Start Connection
Additional Side Door
Heavy-Duty Tow Coupling
Heavy Haul Counterweights

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